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International education is worth the investment

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Western Australia’s international education sector is a major contributor to the state’s economy, providing top-rated education options and investment opportunities. Perth is a popular destination for international students, with a strong job market, affordable housing, and vibrant lifestyle. WA has over 125 high-quality education providers, including five top-40 universities. The WA Government has identified international education as a priority sector and offers funding options to support its growth. Programs are available to support international education providers and students through the Reconnect WA Plan, Safe Transition Industry Support Package, and 2022-23 State Budget boost.

Perth – one of the most popular destinations for international students

Perth is a top study destination for international students due to its affordable, safe, and vibrant lifestyle. It offers reliable public transport and strong industry connections for course-related work experience and employment support. The international education sector in Perth has seen a 51% increase in export revenue over the past five years, creating unique investment opportunities. Perth is also a hub for businesses and energy companies, providing profitable career prospects for students.

International education driving WA’s economy

International education is a key contributor to WA’s economy and creates opportunities for investors. In 2019, 53,404 international student enrolments in WA boosted the State’s Gross State Product by $2.1 billion and supported 12,000 jobs. The WA Government recognizes the sector’s value as a multi-billion-dollar growth industry and is investing heavily to support it.

World class education with a wealth of investment opportunities

WA State Government offers initiatives to support international education, including the Western Australian International Education Recovery and Renewal Plan. Investments in private and public infrastructure have led to the highest number of education and training businesses per kilometre in WA. The government will support overseas education agents with a $10 million incentive package and two scholarship programs. StudyPerth, funded by the government, promotes WA as a world-class study destination. Major educational institutions will have inner-city presence with new CBD campuses. Investment in international education offers stable revenue streams and high returns and can positively impact society by providing access to quality education.

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