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FAQs on investment attraction website

These FAQ apply to WAinvestments.com.au (the Site). In partnership with the Government of Western Australia (as represented by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation) (WA Government), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia Limited (CCIWA), administers and maintains the Site

The investment website may include general information on the Western Australian economy, business climate, and other factors that may be of interest to potential investors. It may also provide resources, such as investment guides, market research, and access to investment networks, to help potential investors make informed decisions.

The type of investment opportunities in sectors can vary, and may include opportunities in infrastructure, Mining & Mining Equipment, Technology and Services, Primary Industries, Energy, Tourism, Creative Industries, Health & Medical Life Sciences, Defence Industries and Space Industries, and other related industries. The investment attraction website should provide information on the types of investment opportunities available, and the specific projects or businesses that are seeking investment.

The type of investment opportunities available in the region can vary and may include opportunities across regional Western Australia as well as Perth CBD metro. The types of investment include Green field, Brownfield, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Early Stage (pre seed), Seed and Direct Investments. The investment website should provide information on the types of investment opportunities available, and the specific projects or businesses that are seeking investment.

The investment attraction website is designed for use by potential investors, as well as businesses and entrepreneurs who are seeking investment. It may also be of interest to economic development organizations and government agencies that are working to attract investment to the region.

Potential investors who use the investment attraction website may have access to a range of support services, including investment counselling, market research, and access to investment networks. The specific support services available will depend on the investment attraction website and the region it represents. Contact Invest and Trade WA on +61 8 6277 3000 or [email protected] to find out more on this.


Invest & Trade

Invest and Trade is a WA government website and they help make it easier than ever to do business, find a path to secure investment and identify local suppliers and partners in WA to help you grow your business. Visit Invest & Trade website


CCIWA has been around since 1890 to advance trade and commerce in Western Australia. We help thousands of businesses by providing resources, services and everyday support to overcome the challenges they face. Visit CCIWA website

Business Connect

Business Connect is a WA government service that can tailor to your needs, linking you with the right people and fast tracking your entry into Western Australian or international markets. Visit Business Connect website


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Guide on creating an investment project

1. Add investment project details

Tell investors about your investment project:

  • Describe your investment opportunity sufficiently for potential investors to understand the project and why you are seeking external funds of investment.
  • Articulate your investor proposition. This is your opportunity to share your story and your vision to an engaged investor audience.
  • Provide specific information in relation to the investment project – corporate entity/ownership, ABN / ACN, trading names investment value, investment type/sector and region,
  • Describe whether or not the investment project has an indigenous involvement and/or engagement.
  • Upload quality images and video link if you have them.
  • Provide location details (optional) so we can put it on a map.
  • Provide primary contact details to receive potential investor enquiries.Upload any other project information that you want potential investors to download that supports your investor proposition or "investment pitch".

2. State the impact and alignment of your project to WA investment strategies

When you create your Investment Project you will need to provide details on how it aligns with WA State Governments business sentiment and investment strategies – for example, the impact on jobs, tourism and the Western Australian economy.

3. Submit your investment project for review

Your investment project will be reviewed by our panel to ensure your investment opportunity is an "investment ready" project and satisfies our guidelines and approval process.

Investment ready means that the investment proponent has a clearly articulated business and/or project plan which demonstrates:

  • project feasibility and delivery, including risk management.
  • the strength, experience, capabilities and capacity to execute the proposed project;
  • a growth plan, and how that growth will be funded; and
  • how the investment proponent will need to be in the correct business structure.

3. Submit your project for review

We will review your Project Brief and work with you to make sure it is ready for investors.

4. Approval and listing

We communicate with you via email as you create, save, submit and revise your investment opportunity. Our team may contact you directly during the review and revision process. We will always confirm by email after your investment project has been approved by us for listing.

By registering an investment opportunity on the website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Privacy and Copyright policies that are available on the Site.