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Health, medical, sciences & innovation is an emerging industry for WA and is on the cusp of many new investment opportunities. There are substantial funding opportunities available, aimed to drive innovation and growth in WA’s expanding medical and life sciences industry.

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  • Direct InvestmentPerth Greater Metro


    In a world where the need for reliable medical alert solutions has never been greater, the Ezybandz Guardian emerges as a powerful and versatile wearable wristband. Positioned to meet the surging demand in the underserved medical alert industry, the Ezybandz Guardian stands out with its innovative features, user-friendly design, and unwavering commitment to quality.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$3.5 million - $5.0 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • Direct InvestmentPerth Greater Metro

    Growth strategy for manufacturing for precision medicine and clinical trials

    Expanding the current revenue-generating Melbourne-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), the Project is venturing into Perth. With the support of a $5 million grant from the WA government and this quest for an additional $2.5 million, we will initiate operations at the new manufacturing facility in Perth.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$2 million - $5 million Perth Greater Metro
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  • Direct InvestmentPerth Greater Metro

    INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY - Proven pure health supplements

    Primal Organix has created the world’s first all-natural mental health supplement

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$550,000-9,950,000Perth Greater Metro
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  • Direct InvestmentPeel

    Eikonic: From Mining to Healthcare, A New Era for Gold

    Our Vision: CREATE A WORLD FREE FROM ORAL DISEASES. As an international award winning, purpose-driven company, we are on a mission to tackle a leading cause of multiple chronic diseases associated with preventable oral health issues. Eikonic is seeking investment to establish state of the art laboratories and advanced manufacturing capabilities to diversify the local economy on a global scale.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$10 - $40 millionPeel
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  • Direct InvestmentPerth Greater Metro


    Roborigger has developed patented wireless load control technology that allows lifted loads to be controlled without tag lines and without people needing to be in the vicinity of the loads. Capital is required to support our accelerating global expansion.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$10 - $40 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • Direct InvestmentPerth Greater Metro

    A World Class Health Precinct

    The City of Joondalup and its health partners are focused on developing a regional medical cluster in the areas of research, talent, technology and allied health, to meet the needs of the northern corridor.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$71 - $100 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • Direct InvestmentPerth Greater Metro

    Boas Place – Transforming the Heart of the Joondalup City Centre

    Boas Place will transform the Joondalup City Centre to provide a future economic and innovation hub to facilitate research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$41 - $70 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • Direct InvestmentWheatbelt

    Military Spec UAVs for Civil and Commercial Applications

    Equity interest in the production, operation, sales and leasing of military spec UAVs (drones) for civil and commercial applications worldwide. We have three models, Pioneer, Eagle and Zeus with 7m, 12m and 21m wingspans respectively.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$10 - $40 millionWheatbelt
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  • BrownfieldGoldfields-Esperance

    Sandy Ridge - LLW Disposal Project

    Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW) Disposal Project will be Australia's first commercial-scale disposal project for LLW. The project will last approximately four years (one year of construction, two years of operation, one year of closure).

    BrownfieldHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$41 - $70 millionGoldfields-Esperance
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  • Direct InvestmentSouth West


    Fully licensed and vertically integrated medicinal cannabis production, with a focus on renewable energy and self-sufficient water supply, located in Collie, providing employment and export revenue to Western Australia.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$10 - $40 millionSouth West
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