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  • Direct InvestmentMid West

    Human Induced Regeneration (HIR)

    Carbon stocks are increased by removing CO2e- gases from the atmosphere and permanently storing them in the vegetation. This is facilitated by allowing a historically suppressed forest to regenerate and therefore grow significant additional vegetation biomass.

    Direct InvestmentPrimary Industries$41 - $70 millionMid West
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  • Direct InvestmentSouth West

    Biochar production for Green Magnesium Refining

    Pyrochar Pty Ltd uses a 3 times patented process to produce a 100% green and renewable source of carbon, used in metal production as a coal/coke replacement. With contacts in place with large Australian & Indian Metal producers. Pyrochar is now establishing a plant in South West WA to supply its recent order for an offtake agreement with the first Magnesium refinery in Australia. This plant will allow for 100% carbon-zero magnesium production, a critical metal that is not currently produced in Western Australia.

    Direct InvestmentAdvanced Manufacturing$41 - $70 millionSouth West
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  • BrownfieldPerth Greater Metro

    Muchea Silica Sand Project

    Supplying Western Australia with sustainable, high-purity silica sand for a new hi-tech, ultra-clear glass manufacturing industry VRX Silica Limited, a Perth-based ASX listed company is developing the high-grade, long-life Muchea Silica Sand Project 50km north east of Perth and other silica sand projects in the Mid-West VRX is pursuing the establishment of a glass making facility in Western Australia to manufacture specialist glass for use in solar panels, LCD screens and other high-tech products This globally scarce resource will support the establishment of new local downstream industries with significant investment and job creation Muchea is one of only a few world-class silica sand projects with an exceptionally long life and an outstanding grade of 99 9% SiO2 This level of purity means it is perfectly suited to the booming ultra-clear solar panel flat glass industry Muchea has a world-class Mineral Resource of 208Mt

    BrownfieldMining & METS$41 - $70 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • GreenfieldWheatbelt

    : Low Iron (65 ppm Fe2O3) High Purity Silica (>99.95% SiO2) Sand Off-Take Agreement

    Foundation buyer off-take opportunity to secure future supplies of Premium Grade Silica Sand (>99.9% SiO2 / 65ppm Fe2O3) from a significant new resource.

    GreenfieldMining & METS$41 - $70 millionWheatbelt
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  • Direct InvestmentPerth Greater Metro

    Boas Place – Transforming the Heart of the Joondalup City Centre

    Boas Place will transform the Joondalup City Centre to provide a future economic and innovation hub to facilitate research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Direct InvestmentHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$41 - $70 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • Direct InvestmentSouth West

    Collie Magnesium Plant

    Magnium Australia is commercialising breakthrough technology for clean extraction of magnesium metal, one of the world’s most critical materials. Proposed is a large-scale commercial magnesium refinery capable of producing up to 100,000 tonnes of green magnesium metal per annum.

    Direct InvestmentAdvanced Manufacturing$41 - $70 millionSouth West
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  • Direct InvestmentWheatbelt

    Lancelin Rural Aggregation - Karakin, San Angelo and Baramba Farms

    An opportunity to invest in one of the largest private landholdings 112km north of Perth CBD. Comprising 8,544ha of productive broad hectare farmland located adjacent to the iconic WA fishing and holiday community of Lancelin.

    Direct InvestmentPrimary Industries$41 - $70 millionWheatbelt
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  • GreenfieldPerth Greater Metro

    Forrestdale Business Park West

    Strategically located approximately 21kms south-east of the Perth CBD, and offering direct access to Ranford Road, Armadale Road and Tonkin Highway, Forrestdale Business Park West will feature future High Wide Load accessibility. Development WA’s Industrial Lands Authority is one of several landowners in the 178ha Forrestdale Business Park West (FBPW), which includes light industrial, serviced commercial and general industrial zoned land.

    GreenfieldInfrastructure$41 - $70 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • GreenfieldPerth Greater Metro

    Forrestdale Business Park East

    Forrestdale Business Park East (FBPE) is a 190-hectare site located at the intersection of Tonkin Highway and Armadale Road. It provides a high-quality industrial environment for businesses to build, relocate or consolidate operations.

    GreenfieldInfrastructure$41 - $70 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • Direct InvestmentMid West

    Arrowsmith North Silica Sand Project

    Establishment of a silica sand mining and processing plant at Arrowsmith, 270km north of Perth, WA.

    Direct InvestmentMining & METS$41 - $70 millionMid West
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  • BrownfieldGoldfields-Esperance

    Sandy Ridge - LLW Disposal Project

    Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW) Disposal Project will be Australia's first commercial-scale disposal project for LLW. The project will last approximately four years (one year of construction, two years of operation, one year of closure).

    BrownfieldHealth, Medical, Science & Innovation$41 - $70 millionGoldfields-Esperance
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