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Greenfield investments build new facilities or projects in undeveloped areas. They’re risky and costly but offer potential for high returns and customized facilities.

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  • GreenfieldPerth Greater Metro
    GreenfieldMining & METS$41 million - $70 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • GreenfieldPeel

    Murray Future Food Facility - Expression of Interest

    An opportunity for an investor to partner with the Shire to develop a commercial scale food or beverage processing operation within the FIPWA ecosystem. The EOI process will enable the Shire to narrow down prospective development options for the 6,000 sqm site, and work with proponents to collectively develop a viable and informed development plan for the site over the next 6 to 18 months. This EOI process will enable the Shire to negotiate and plan its options with suitable industry partners to shape and implement a development opportunity at the FIPWA.

    GreenfieldPrimary Industries$10 - $40 millionPeel
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  • GreenfieldMid West

    Beharra high grade silica sand project

    Beharra is a high-grade silica sand project located <100km south or Geraldton with plans to export up to 1.5mtpa of low impurity sand to the Asian region for use in high end glass applications including solar panel glass.

    GreenfieldMining & METS$10 - $40 millionMid West
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  • GreenfieldSouth West

    Development of an Aquaculture Precinct in Esperance

    Infrastructure head works investment by Government to allow for an 'investment ready' aquaculture precinct. Power upgrades, site clearing/preparation, access roads, installation of seawater hydraulic infrastructure. There is 140ha of highly suitable land available for aquaculture development adjacent the Esperance city.

    GreenfieldPrimary Industries$10 - $40 millionSouth West
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  • GreenfieldGoldfields-Esperance

    World's First Green Spaceport

    By utilising Industrial IoT, renewable energy, and sustainable design principles, we aim to build a state-of-the-art rocket launch site for commercial, scientific, and government space missions.

    GreenfieldSpace Industries$151 - $250 millionGoldfields-Esperance
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  • GreenfieldSouth West

    International Graphite Limited

    International Graphite (ASX:IG6) is developing a new source of battery anode graphite to support the global transition to clean energy with mine to market operations wholly located in Western Australia.

    GreenfieldMining & METS$151 million - $250 millionSouth West
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  • GreenfieldGascoyne

    Gascoyne Gateway Deep Water Port Terminal and Renewables Hub

    GGL seeks funding to continue to develop the carbon neutral multi-user port terminal that will provide green supply chain solutions for projects in the renewable, rare earths and oil & gas sectors. Securing planned tourism and defence sustainment opportunities.

    GreenfieldInfrastructure$251 - $500 millionGascoyne
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  • GreenfieldWheatbelt

    : Low Iron (65 ppm Fe2O3) High Purity Silica (>99.95% SiO2) Sand Off-Take Agreement

    Foundation buyer off-take opportunity to secure future supplies of Premium Grade Silica Sand (>99.9% SiO2 / 65ppm Fe2O3) from a significant new resource.

    GreenfieldMining & METS$41 - $70 millionWheatbelt
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  • GreenfieldPerth Greater Metro

    Catalpa Business Park

    The Catalpa Business Park investment is a well-connected industrial estate that offers high-quality built solutions for a broad range of users. This investment has the potential to not only create jobs through immediate construction activities but also establish a vibrant, long-term hub for employment, thereby contributing to the growth of the local economy.

    GreenfieldInfrastructure+$500 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • GreenfieldPerth Greater Metro

    Forrestdale Business Park West

    Strategically located approximately 21kms south-east of the Perth CBD, and offering direct access to Ranford Road, Armadale Road and Tonkin Highway, Forrestdale Business Park West will feature future High Wide Load accessibility. Development WA’s Industrial Lands Authority is one of several landowners in the 178ha Forrestdale Business Park West (FBPW), which includes light industrial, serviced commercial and general industrial zoned land.

    GreenfieldInfrastructure$41 - $70 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • GreenfieldPerth Greater Metro

    Forrestdale Business Park East

    Forrestdale Business Park East (FBPE) is a 190-hectare site located at the intersection of Tonkin Highway and Armadale Road. It provides a high-quality industrial environment for businesses to build, relocate or consolidate operations.

    GreenfieldInfrastructure$41 - $70 millionPerth Greater Metro
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  • GreenfieldPerth Greater Metro

    Crossroads Industrial

    Located within Perth's rapidly growing south east corridor as part of Forrestdale Business Park West, the quality 41-hectare Crossroads Industrial estate is coming alive. A range of businesses are now open and more buildings have been constructed.

    GreenfieldInfrastructure$133 MillionPerth Greater Metro
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  • GreenfieldMid West

    The Australian Vanadium Project

    The Australian Vanadium Project is a highly advanced and premium vanadium project globally. The company has successfully completed its feasibility studies and is finalising agreements for product distribution and financing to bring the project to fruition.

    GreenfieldMining & METS+$500 millionMid West
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