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Seeking investment value of $2 - $5 Million

Project Summary

Kinship Farms “Delivering sustainable and regenerative ESG driven agritech solutions with positive impact to farmers, communities, and the environment”. In the simplest terms, Kinship Farms is a ‘social enterprise’ with intent to roll-out co-owned ‘social farming franchises’ in peri-urban and urban farm settings and communities around the world.

Project description

At the heart of our farm’s transformation package is the KiCEA™ (Kinship integrated Controlled Environment Agritech) system, which produces nutrient-dense commodities certifiably 100% chemical, toxin and antibiotic free.

When an existing farming operation adopts our modular KiCEA™ on a small portion of their land, they are on their way to becoming a partner with another Kinship Farm franchise. And to aid their journey across to sustainable regenerative farming practices, the installed KiCEA™ repurposes all bio-masses from the system into natural bio-amendments. These bio-amendments are utilised to regenerate the farm’s pastures/crops/fields, etc, to stimulate
the soils microbiology, and thus phase out dependence on synthetic fertilisers. Over time this decreases and potentially eliminates the requirement for costly industrial synthetics, including pesticides and herbicides.

Further, the host farmer gains a share of profits from the franchised KiCEA™ and thereby has a new source of year-round income from commodities harvested. The farmer is safeguarded from the challenges of drought and other economic and climate-driven events.

The benefit and return to the franchise co-owners is access to their own healthy produce at transparent pricing, and the surplus sold to both local and export markets with the income invested back into the farm management, running costs, and profit distribution per co-owner shareholding.

Franchise co-owners have complete visibility of operations and all associated inputs via a unique Kinship Digital App with personalised dashboard (developed by Kinship). Regular updates and notifications are provided of the day-to-day activity within their own farming franchise. Through the Kinship App, direct access to a local digital marketplace is provided to purchase the food that is produced within the network of ‘Kinship Farms’. And further, residual produce is sold through to commercial markets for the benefit of the respective franchise co-owners and host farmer.

A key focus to generating equally beneficial outcomes, through our co-owned (social franchise) KiCEA™ systems, is producing nutrient dense, clean, healthy produce in an agroecological manner. The Kinship Farming model provides the opportunity for the co-owners of each franchise to take back control of their buyer’s choice and reapply it to investment in a local farming operation that is sustainable and regenerative, whilst also coupling them to the UN’s ESG principles (Environmental, Social, Governance).

The dynamic of franchised co-ownership supports the host farmer by having a built-in invested local market through the communal group, providing a continual demand for the premium produce grown out of the system (CSA – Community Supported Agriculture). Thus, the affiliated farmer has gained the financial stability and capacity to progress to regenerative and sustainable practices, whilst lowering their input costs. This results in an abundantly healthy farm agroecology, achieving positive impact on any ecosystem the farm connects to, all whilst supplying
healthy food to its supporting community.

Kinship Farms is seeking seed funding from ‘Sustainable and Responsible Investing’ (SRI) impact investors, in accordance with the UN’s ESG’s to build its first MVP pilot plant. Please reach-out to us to start the conversation.

Investment opportunity details

Investment is subject to negotiation, however, direct investment is the preferred investment type.


Investor information

Financial information

Investment sought: $2 - $5 Million

Document(s) / Video(s):

Project website:


Project information

Project highlights:

Investment is subject to negotiation, but offered as equitable seed investment prior to Round A funding.

Project timeline:

Expected start date:
31 July, 2024

Expected end date:
30 January, 2025

Funding round finish date:
31 July, 2024

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Investment type: Direct Investment
Industry sector: Primary Industries
Region: Peel
Investment value: $2 - $5 Million
Company / Organistaion name:
Kinship Farms Pty Ltd

Contact details:
Michael English (Co-Founder)
[email protected]

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